What Does Decision In Process Mean Elsevier?

What is the meaning of decision in process status?

Coming to your query, Decision in Process typically means that the associate editor (AE) has gone through the peer review comments, arrived at a decision on the manuscript based on the comments, and then conveyed their decision to the Editor-in-Chief (EiC)..

What does ready for decision mean?

Answer: When the status for a manuscript changes “Under Review” to “Ready for Decision”, it means that the peer-review process is complete and only the editorial decision is pending. Sometimes, this can take anywhere between 2-6 weeks.

What does under editor evaluation mean?

The status “Under editor evaluation” indicates that the peer review for your paper is now complete and it is currently with the Associate Editor (AE) who will evaluate it based on the reviews and decide whether the paper should be accepted, rejected, or sent back for revisions.

What is the meaning of decision pending?

‘Under editorial consideration’ and ‘Decision pending’ simultaneously: The AE must have had a look at the paper and made a decision on it, and communicated this decision to the Editor-in-Chief (EIC), who makes the final decision. ‘Decision pending’: The ball is in the EIC’s court now.

What is the meaning of required reviews completed?

When the status shows “Required reviews completed,” it means that the reviews have come in, but it might not mean that your paper is being evaluated by the editor. … Once the editor starts checking it, the status generally shows “With editor” or “Evaluating recommendation.”

What do you do after paper rejection?

Here are the most common options for next steps after rejection:Appeal the rejection. … Resubmit to the same journal. … Make changes and submit to a different journal. … Make no changes and submit to another journal. … File the manuscript away and never resubmit it.

What does with editor mean in Elsevier?

With Editor. One or more editors have been assigned, but no reviewers have yet been invited. Review statuses. Reviewer Invited. At least one reviewer has been invited, none have agreed.

What is an antonym for pending?

Antonyms of PENDING improbable, resolved, decided, onetime, late, other, established, far-off, past, foregone, old, determined, erstwhile, later, distant, Whilom, sometime, sure, quondam, settled, certain, bygone, unlikely, recent, eventual, finished, ultimate, confirmed, former, remote.

How do you respond to a Journal rejection?

Your options upon rejection are (1) to abandon the article, (2) to send the article without a single change to another journal, (3) to revise the article and send it to another journal, or (4) to protest or appeal the decision and try to resubmit the article to the rejecting journal.

How long does decision in process take?

Most journals normally take 4-8 weeks to review manuscripts. The ‘decision in process’ status implies that your manuscript has passed through peer review and the editorial board is now making a decision. In this step, the editor carefully evaluates all the comments by the peer-reviewers and examines the manuscript.

What is a desk reject?

A desk-reject means your manuscript has been rejected by a journal without being sent out for review. … So for many academics a desk-reject causes extreme disappointment, a feeling that can easily change to desperation if this same outcome is repeated over and over again.

How long does a desk rejection take?

1 to 4 weeksDesk rejects are usually quite quick (e.g., 1 to 4 weeks is common in my experience). Note that not all journals do desk rejects, and many journals vary in how much they filter at this stage.

Why do manuscripts get rejected?

Often they give reasons for the rejection: they may be journal-related, such as being out of scope, or the manuscript may be rejected due to language or formatting issues. Other reasons for rejection may lie in the need for further research.

What is decision in process in journal?

In usual cases, a “Decision in process” means that the editor of the journal has received the reviewer comments from all the referees. The chief editor now has to make the decision as to whether he will accept/reject your paper or ask you to revise and resubmit the paper.

What does awaiting decision mean?

This, in turn, means that the status “Awaiting decision” refers to the decision that the editor will take about whether your paper will be sent for peer review or desk rejected. It is difficult to predict the outcome of the manuscript at this stage, but you can be hopeful.

How long does it take for a paper to be accepted?

The time from submission to publication of an academic paper can vary greatly. Usually (in the humanities) it takes the editor and reviewers about 4–8 months to read your submission and get back to you.