Quick Answer: Why Is WhatsApp Status 15 Seconds?

What is the maximum length of WhatsApp status?

15 secondsWhatsApp, itself with billions of users, has now decided to limit the duration of WhatsApp statuses when a video is posted, cutting the maximum length from 30 seconds to 15 seconds..

How do I stop my WhatsApp status moving?

At times, it becomes difficult to read the text or check the picture in the status as it keeps moving to the next one. To enjoy the status in all its glory, you can pause it. To do so, just tap and hold the status as long as you want to pause it, then lift your finger to move to the next one.

How can I upload my WhatsApp without losing quality?

There won’t be any quality drop….How to Compress VideoOpen Video Compress Panda and Select your video (Below 30 seconds video)Click Next.Select third option Large File (Just Compress)Click compress.Wait for the compression to complete Panda is squashing you file.After compression completed click Save.Done!

What should I say on WhatsApp status?

Short but descriptive Whatsapp status in English.I’m born to express, not to impress. … My real smile comes out when i am with you ♥ … NO love, no pain, no gain, stay Single be Happy;) … My life ,my rule,that’s my attitude… … Smile and the world smiles with you. … Happiness is homemade…..More items…

Why does WhatsApp status time change?

It is a temporary move and is being done in order to reduce the server traffic as a lot of people are sharing videos in Status after the countrywide lockdown. The server-side changes have started rolling out and soon users will be able to experience it.

How do I make my WhatsApp status longer?

Now follow given steps to increase WhatsApp status video limit.Launch WhatsApp app and minimize this window.Go to settings -> Installed Apps -> WhatsApp.Force close WhatsApp app.Now launch WA Tweaks App.Now tap on Menu then choose Whatsapp Tweaks.Here you see Bypass 45″ Video Limit for Status.More items…•

How can I put full video on WhatsApp status?

Here are the steps to follow to use this app so you can share full videos on Whatsapp Status.Launch the WhatsCut app and click on “Video Splitter for Whatsapp Status.”Select the video you want to share.Choose the length of the video in this step and tap on “Trim and Share on WhatsApp.”More items…•

How can I put more than 15 seconds on WhatsApp?

Instead, you can specify any 15-second section of a video that can go on your status. All you have to do is slide the rectangular seek box over the frames to select which 15-second portion of a video you want to upload. Once you’ve done that, the 15-second clip will be shared on your WhatsApp status.

How many status can put in WhatsApp?

After a period of two months, the social messaging platform WhatsApp has restored its 30 seconds status limit in India after nearly two months.

What is the maximum video size for WhatsApp?

16 MBThe maximum file size allowed for all media (photos, videos or voice messages) to be sent or forwarded through WhatsApp is 16 MB on all platforms. On most phones, this will equal from about 90 seconds to 3 minutes of video. The maximum video duration will vary based on the quality of your phone’s video camera.

Why my WhatsApp status is only 15 seconds?

You can no longer send videos to WhatsApp Status if they are longer than 16 seconds: only videos having a duration of 15 seconds will be allowed. … This is happening in India and it’s probably an initiative to reduce the traffic on the server infrastructures.

How can I add more than 30 seconds to a status?

There are Two Easy Ways. To bypass WhatsApp’s 30-second status limit, there are two easy hacks. The first one is to create several 30-second clips out of a longer video and post it on WhatsApp while the second trick is to convert the video into a GIF image.

Can we schedule status on WhatsApp?

Select the Automation tab at the bottom. Tap the + icon in the top-right corner and tap Create Personal Automation. On the next screen, tap Time of Day to schedule when to run your automation. … After you’re done entering your message, tap the + icon below the text field and in the search bar look for WhatsApp.

Why does WhatsApp only say 30 seconds?

The 30-second limit applies to only the videos, not on photos and GIFs. While most of the GIFs you will find on the internet will be less than 30 seconds in length, but they are in fact, videos converted into moving pictures.