Quick Answer: Who Is The Best Public Speaker In The World?

Who is India’s No 1 motivational speaker?


Vivek Bindra is amongst the best motivational speakers in India, apart from being an internationally renowned motivational speaker, he is also a business coach and an entrepreneur.

He has almost 11 million subscribers on his YouTube channel which tells us about his following..

Which speaker is best for home in India?

Best Overall: Bose SoundTouch 20. Bose SoundTouch 20. … Best 5.1 Home Theater: Sony HT-RT3. … Best Woofer System: JBL Soundbar. … Best Multimedia Speakers: Philips SPA9080B. … Best Budget 5.1 Speakers: F&D F3800X. … Best 4.1 Speakers: Sony SA-D40 C E12. … Best 2.1 Audio System: boAt Aavante Bar 1500. … Good Value for Money: Sony SA-D10.

Who is the youngest motivational speaker?

Tanishqa GandhiThe record for being the youngest motivational speaker was set by Tanishqa Gandhi (born on February 2, 2005) of Jaipur, Rajasthan, at the young age of 15 years.

Who is the best public speaker of all time?

7 of the greatest public speakers in historyWinston Churchill.John F. Kennedy.Socrates.Adolf Hitler.Martin Luther King Jr.James Baldwin.Mister Rogers.

Who is the No 1 motivational speaker in the world?

A talented author and motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar has an appeal that transcends barriers of age, culture and occupation. Since 1970, he has traveled over five million miles across the world delivering powerful life improvement messages, cultivating the energy of change.

Who is the greatest speaker of all time why?

Top 10 Greatest Orators Provide Groundwork for Today’s Famous Motivational SpeakersAbraham Lincoln. (1809 –1865)Winston Churchill. (1874 –1965)Mohandas Gandhi. (1869 –1948)John F. Kennedy. … Nelson Mandela. (1918 – Present)Martin Luther King Jr. (1929 –1968)Ronald Reagan. (1911 – 2004)Barack Obama. (1961 to Present)More items…•

Who is the best speaker in India?

Here is a list of top motivational speakers in India who are professionals when it comes to creating an impact.Ujjwal Chugh. Living life as an ordinary person is easy, but for achieving success, one needs to unleash their extraordinary self. … Dr. Vivek Bindra. … Sandeep Maheshwari. … T.S. Madaan. … Priya Kumar.

Who is the most articulate person in the world?

Steve WoodmoreSteve Woodmore (born 1959) is a retired British electronics salesman known for his rapid speech articulation, being able to articulate 637 words per minute (wpm), a speed four times faster than the average person.

What makes a successful speaker?

A great speaker is driven to know his stuff and care about a particular topic. His passion will cause others to be convinced, not just because of his force of reasoning, but also because he is visibly enjoying the beliefs he wants his audience to accept.

Who is the best orator in the world?

Powerful speaking lessons from 15 of the world’s greatest oratorsFranklin Delano Roosevelt’s first inaugural address. … Maya Angelou at President Bill Clinton’s first inauguration. … Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech. … Prime Minister Winston Churchill addresses the House of Commons. … Neil Armstrong at the first lunar landing. … Lou Gehrig’s farewell to baseball.More items…•

Who are the most famous motivational speakers?

Motivational speakersDave Ramsey. David Ramsey is an American financial author, radio host, television personality, and motivational speaker. … Tony Robbins. Tony Robbins is an American motivational speaker, personal finance instructor, and self-help author. … Nick Vujicic. … Eckhart Tolle. … Louise Hay. … Chris Gardner. … Robert Kiyosaki. … Eric Thomas.More items…

Are motivational speakers fake?

The reason why so many motivational speakers may appear to be (or indeed are) frauds is because there is a strong demand from an audience who want the illusion they sell. The truth is painful. No one wants to pay good money for Truth – they’re already living it.

Who is the best speaker in the world?

The 10 Best Motivational Speakers in the WorldRobin Sharma. … Wayne Dyer. … Zig Ziglar. … Arnold Schwarzenegger. … Jim Rohn. … Les Brown. Les Brown was born on February 17th 1945 in Miami, Florida. … Tony Robbins. Tony Robbins was born on February 29th, 1960 in Los Angeles. … Eric Thomas. Eric Thomas, born and raised in Detroit, was homeless at the age of 16 years old.More items…•

Who is the youngest motivational speaker in India?

Anoushqa GautamAnoushqa Gautam is the youngest motivational Speaker of India. She is 9 years old studying in 5th Standard at Central School Noida.

Who is a good speaker?

Good speakers know that they need to speak in a way in which the audience can take in the words that they are saying, and which appeals to the crowd in more ways than one. Good speakers, therefore, develop and possess certain qualities and personality traits that set them apart from mediocre speakers.