Quick Answer: What Is The Equivalent Degree Of B Ed?

What are the jobs after B Ed?

Teachers are in demand in both private and government sectors.

After earning B.

Ed degree, you will be eligible to get job in secondary and higher secondary schools….Job Titles:School Teachers.Private Tutor.Online Tutor.Education Consultant.Principal.Vice Principal.Counsellor.Content Writer.More items….

What is fees of BTC?

The average fee for Basic Training Certificate (BTC) is INR 20,000 per year.

What is BTC in teaching?

Basic Training Certificate or BTC is a Diploma certificate educational program. The duration of the course is two years. This program is recognised by the NCTE, Govt of India. BTC course is ideal for the candidates who are aspiring for government assistant teacher position.

Is it compulsory to do B Ed for teaching?

Under the RTE Act, it has been made compulsory to have B. Ed. degree to become a teacher. It also helps in getting appointed as a teacher in both Government and public schools.

What is the syllabus of B Ed?

B.Ed Syllabus & Subjects:B.Ed Course SubjectsSI NoSemester II Subjects2Assessment for Learning3Content & Pedagogy 1 Part I4Content & Pedagogy 2 Part I4 more rows•Aug 6, 2020

What is the age limit for doing B Ed?

19 yearsAge Limit: For B. Ed admissions in a majority of colleges, there is no age bar. However, admission process of some B. Ed colleges require candidates to be minimum 19 years in age.

What are the subjects in BTC?

Syllabus of Two year B.T.C. / DEIED Courseअंग्रेजी में विषयहिंदी में विषयफ़ाईल देखें/डाउनलोड पाठ्यक्रमPhysical and Health Educationशारीरिक शिक्षा एवं स्वास्थ्यview fileMusicसंगीतview fileSanskritसंस्कृतview file73 more rows

What is BTC full form?

The full form of BTC is Basic Training Certificate. Suppose if you complete a Basic course in any language or Computers, you would get a BTC after its completion. BTC is a ticker symbol for the Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency which was invented by Satoshi Nakamato in 2008.

What is the salary of an up primary teacher?

UPTET Pay Scale: 9300-34800 with Grade Pay of Rs. 4200/- provided for primary teacher and Rs. 9300-34800 with Grade Pay of Rs. 4600/- provided for upper primary teacher.

Is BTC is equivalent to B Ed?

(i) B.T.C. is a certificate of training for a period of two years relating to teaching of children of Primary Schools, B. Ed. and L.T. is a degree course of one year for teaching children above than Primary Schools. They are, therefore, different level of courses.

Which is best B Ed or BTC?

ED is Bachelor of Education that is an Undergraduate academic degree qualifying a person as a teacher in school. Thus, if you want to go in teaching line, then B. ED is good option for you. While, BTC is a basic training certificate which is a course started by Indian government.

What is the difference between B Ed and B El Ed?

As we have discussed about both courses i.e. B. Ed and B. El….Criteria for selecting commerce students.B.ED courseB.EL.ED courseThe course gets done in 2 year.The course is completed by four years.The course gets completed after graduation.The course is completed as a graduation course.1 more row•Apr 18, 2020

Can a B Ed student apply for primary teacher?

Candidates who hold B. Ed degree with at least 50% of marks are eligible for primary teacher posts. If B. Ed candidates are appointed as primary teachers, it is mandatory for them to undergo a six-month bridge course in elementary education recognised by NCTE within two years of the appointment.

Is B Ed become 1 year?

NCTE institutes have also started offering courses through distance learning. Course Review: B. Ed or Bachelor of Education is a one year professional course which prepares aspirants for primary, upper primary, secondary education. There are some colleges that offer a two year course.

What is the salary after B Ed?

Bachelor of Education (B. Ed.) is an undergraduate level professional degree that is mandatory for candidates who wish to teach in higher primary schools and high schools. The duration of the course is 2 years and it can be pursued while working….Be the First to Know.PostSalaryPrimary School TeacherRs. 3,36,0004 more rows•Jun 14, 2017