Quick Answer: What Is EasyTune Gigabyte?

What is Gigabyte fast boot?

The Ultra Fast Boot feature by Gigabyte skips the POST screen from where you can normally press DELETE to go to BIOS.

This way the computer boosts faster but you won’t be able to go to BIOS when you boot.

You’ll have to restart into UEFI Firmware Settings from Windows..

What is Gigabyte Smart keyboard?

GIGABYTE Smart Keyboard allows you to define your own commands/hotkeys, change the mouse sensitivity, and create shortcut and password to open a web page or document file, helping you make the most out of your. keyboard and mouse. The Smart Keyboard Interface.

How do I enter BIOS Gigabyte?

When starting up the PC, press “Del” to enter BIOS setting and then press F8 to enter Dual BIOS setting. No need to press F1 when starting the PC, which is described in our manual.

How do I update my BIOS Gigabyte?

Gigabyte bios update Navigate to Q-Flash – you may need to press the ALT key to bring up the Q-Flash shortcut from the BIOS menu. Select Update BIOS. Select the extracted BIOS from your storage drive. Press ENTER and agree to update your BIOS.

What is face wizard?

Face-Wizard™ is a windows based utility with user-friendly interface that allows users to change the boot-up logo with picture from GIGABYTE Logo Gallery on web site or other compatible picture you have.

How do I download from EasyTune?

To download and install EasyTune, you can go to the GIGABYTE website. Here is how: Go to the GIGABYTE APP Center page and download GIGABYTE APP Center (this is required before installing EasyTune). Open the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions to install GIGABYTE APP Center.

What is 3dosd?

Tuesday, April 12, 2016 3D OSD allows the user to see key information about their system. This information is overlaid on their screen, above whatever program is running in the background.

What is Gigabyte Smart Switch?

Gigabyte now offers a free app called Smart Switch, which brings back the start button and lets you boot straight to the desktop in Windows 8. … With the app Smart Switch, the system will boot directly to the desktop without taking the detour via the tiled start screen.

How do I uninstall Aorus engine?

Or, you can uninstall AORUS GRAPHICS ENGINE from your computer by using the Add/Remove Program feature in the Window’s Control Panel. When you find the program AORUS GRAPHICS ENGINE, click it, and then do one of the following: Windows Vista/7/8: Click Uninstall.

What is Gigabyte Smart TimeLock?

GIGABYTE. 47.5K subscribers. SMART TimeLock allows parents to schedule time limits for their childrens PC usage in two different ways. Both can be set independently for weekday and weekend usage.

What is VTuner Gigabyte?

VTuner is a software program developed by GIGABYTE. … During setup, the program registers itself to launch on boot through a Windows Schedule Task in order to automatically start-up.

What is USB Blocker Gigabyte?

USB Blocker. GIGABYTE USB Blocker provides you with an easy-to-use interface that allows you to block certain USB device types on your PC. Devices that are blocked will be ignored by the operating system.

What is Game Boost Gigabyte?

The GIGABYTE Aorus Game Boost software allows users to essentially free up system resources such as applications that hog RAM and CPU power. Users can press Ctrl + Alt + B to allow the software to ‘optimize’ the system processes or users can select through the hungriest of programs and close them down manually.

What is Gigabyte Cloud Station?

GIGABYTE Cloud Station™ is composed of several GIGABYTE’s unique apps that allow your smart phone/tablet devices to communicate, share resources, and control desktop PCs via wireless connection. (Note) Please install APP Center first before installing this utility.

What is on off charge gigabyte?

GIGABYTE’s latest motherboards are equipped with ON/OFF Charge technology which allows you not only to charge your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, but it allows you to Quick Charge it. … On/Off Charge will also cut the charging time by up to 40 percent thanks to yet another innovative GIGABYTE design.

What is AutoGreen Gigabyte?

AutoGreen is a software program developed by GIGABYTE. … The software is designed to connect to the Internet and adds a Windows Firewall exception in order to do so without being interfered with.

What is my BIOS key?

To access your BIOS, you’ll need to press a key during the boot-up process. This key is often displayed during the boot process with a message “Press F2 to access BIOS”, “Press to enter setup”, or something similar. Common keys you may need to press include Delete, F1, F2, and Escape.

What is EasyTune engine service?

EasyTune™ GIGABYTE’s EasyTune™ is a simple and easy-to-use interface that allows beginner and expert users to fine-tune their system settings or adjust system and memory clocks and voltages in a Windows environment.