Quick Answer: What Can I Use On Shower Walls Instead Of Tiles?

What is the best material to use for shower walls?

AcrylicAcrylic is the best system to use for shower walls because it is the safest, least high maintenance, and easy to install, meaning your shower could be done in as little as two days.

Acrylic is one of the most durable materials used in the shower construction industry, and for good reason..

Are shower wall panels better than tiles?

Shower walls definitely have an advantage over tiles in that they consist of fewer parts; you’re looking at three panels generally rather than 300 tiles. This would suggest that there will be less risk of damage in the long term in addition to simpler fitting. However, shower walls won’t be to everyone’s taste.

What is the easiest shower material to clean?

The best materials to finish a wall and floor for an easy clean shower are going to have as few gaps and seams as possible, hence large tiles are a clear winner. If you really want to avoid grout, you can also use engineered stone panels, stone slabs or back painted glass to reduce the grout lines.

Is Wet wall cheaper than tiles?

That said, wet wall panels are much easier and cheaper to replace than tiles, as well as require less effort to install. This makes installing a wet wall a great way to update and change the entire look of your bathroom suite. … Wet wall or tiles, the choice is yours!

What is the best shower floor?

Ceramic and porcelain tile might be one of the best options for your bathroom floor. Made with dense clay, porcelain has a very low water absorption rate and is quite durable.

Is there an alternative to bathroom tiles?

Bathroom Cladding is a type waterproof wall panel that is the modern alternative to tiles. It looks amazing and continues to look good for years and years as it requires zero maintenance. It is extremely easy to fit and can even be installed over existing tiles.

Are walk in showers a good idea?

A walk-in shower increases your home’s value, especially if you are conscious of the accessibility issue. It also is easier to clean and can be used in every decor style, from the soft traditional to rough industrial.

What is the easiest bathroom tile to clean?

What Kinds of Tile Flooring Are Easiest to Clean?Vinyl tiles are incredibly easy to clean. … Laminate tiles are another really easy to clean flooring option. … Glass tiles are timeless and striking in almost any bathroom, on both floors and walls. … The polished surface of these tiles makes it easy to clean them and helps them to resist staining.

Are shower wall panels cheaper than tile?

This is where shower wall panels come in. They’re often cheaper than tile. … They may be more expensive than the initial purchase price of tile (depending on what tile you choose), but they look waaaay cool, and you’ll save maintenance costs down the road.

Are tile showers hard to keep clean?

Despite the easy up-keep of tiled showers, over time mildew may start to grow on the grout that holds each tile together. Typical cleaning products are more than acceptable to use on tiled showers but once mildew starts to develop, the cleaning becomes a little more difficult.

Are acrylic shower panels any good?

Ignoring fiberglass units, acrylic shower pans are more cost effective than a tile, marble, or solid surface shower bases. Since these units are manufactured in larger quantities, they usually cost less than custom tile showers or solid surface units. They’re also light and easy to work with.