Quick Answer: Is There Anything Better Than Google Analytics?

Which is the best analytics tool?

Top 10 Data Analytics toolsR Programming.

R is the leading analytics tool in the industry and widely used for statistics and data modeling.

Tableau Public: …

SAS: …

Apache Spark.



QlikView.More items…•.

What is similar to Google Analytics?

Lead and customer analyticsLeadfeeder. We built Leadfeeder so marketers and sales teams could see exactly who’s visiting their websites, even if the site visitors never fill out a contact form or send an email. … Piwik PRO Analytics Suite. … Kissmetrics. … Woopra. … GoSquared. … FoxMetrics. … Mixpanel. … Heap.

The best BI tools on the market – a detailed reviewdatapine. datapine is a BI software that lets you connect your data from various sources and analyze with advanced analytics features (including predictive). … SAS Business Intelligence. … Clear Analytics. … SAP BusinessObjects. … Domo. … METRIC INSIGHTS. … Zoho Analytics. … MicroStrategy.More items…

What are the most important Google Analytics?

10 of the Most Important Google Analytics Metrics to TrackNew or Unique Visitor Conversion. … Sources for Incoming Traffic. … Interactions per Visit (Pages/Sessions) … Return Visitor Conversion. … Value per Visit. … Bounce Rate. … Lead Generation Costs (Cost per Conversion) … Exit Pages.More items…•

How do you use Google Analytics?

To start collecting basic data from a website:Create or sign in to your Analytics account: Go to google.com/analytics. … Set up a property in your Analytics account. … Set up a reporting view in your property. … Follow the instructions to add the tracking code to your websiteso you can collect data in your Analytics property.

Is Google Analytics open source?

No, Google Analytics is not open source. Google Analytics is a closed source, proprietary product. There’s simply no way of knowing what’s going on behind the scenes when you’re using the Google Analytics script on your website. You have to put your trust in Google.

What is the best business intelligence software?

Best BI Software (By Category)Self-ServiceData VisualizationBI PlatformsSAP Crystal ReportsiDashboardsTableauChartioDundasInsightSquaredAlteryxSegmentDomoJaspersoftGeckoboardGoodData

Do I really need Google Analytics?

Google Analytics collects a lot of personal data and it is a potential liability for your site. Many website owners fail to do this, but you should and must disclose to your visitors your use of Google Analytics to track them.

Which Google Analytics reports are the most useful Why?

The 6 Most Important Reports in Google Analytics1.) Mobile Overview Report. Audience > Mobile > Overview. … 2.) Channels Report. Acquisition > All Traffic > Channels. … 3.) Navigation Summary. Behavior > Site Content > All Pages > Navigation Tab. … 4.) Landing Pages Report. Behavior > Site Content > Landing Pages. … 5.) Site Speed Overview Report. … 6.) Goal Overview Report.

Are Google Analytics free?

So, Is Google Analytics Free? … Google Analytics is what they call a “freemium” service, meaning that small businesses can use the service without paying a monthly charge, but if you want more advanced features or the ability to do more with the service, there is a recurring fee.

How many reports Google Analytics?

78Google Analytics comes with 78 standard reports that each fall in to five categories. The five categories of standard reports include: real time reports, audience reports, traffic source reports, content reports, and conversion reports.

What are the web analytics tools?

The 10 Smartest Web Analytics ToolsGoogle Analytics. Google Analytics is one of the best free tools that any website owner can use to track and analyze data about Web traffic. … Spring Metrics. Spring Metrics has taken the analytics tool and made it simpler. … Woopra. … Clicky. … Mint. … Chartbeat. … Kissmetrics. … UserTesting.More items…•

Can I use Google Analytics without a website?

You will need a Google Analytics account – which requires a Google Account (such as gmail). If you don’t have a Google Account then create a new account and then login to your account. … Click on ACCESS DEMO ACCOUNT to add the Demo Account to your Google Analytics account list.

Is Google Analytics safe to use?

Since late April 2016, Google Analytics now securely sends all data from your website to Google’s servers. This means that when someone accesses a non-secure page on your website, the data being collected will be transmitted using encryption. This makes it harder for people to intercept the data that’s being collected.

Can Google Analytics be wrong?

One of the biggest causes of inaccuracies within Google Analytics is a lack of information about where your visitors are coming from. And while some of that is unavoidable, you can address a large part of the problem by adding tracking information to the URLs you use in your online advertising campaigns.

What are the business analytics tools?

Below are the top ten most widely used business analytics tools and solutions designed for modern enterprises.SAS Business Analytics (SAS BA) … QlikView. … Board. … Splunk. … Sisense. … Microstrategy. … KNIME. … Dundas BI.More items…•

What are Google Analytics for?

Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic, currently as a platform inside the Google Marketing Platform brand. … Google Analytics provides an SDK that allows gathering usage data from iOS and Android app, known as Google Analytics for Mobile Apps.

What are examples of business intelligence tools?

Why use business intelligence tools?SAP Business Intelligence. SAP Business Intelligence offers several advanced analytics solutions including real-time BI predictive analytics, machine learning, and planning & analysis. … MicroStrategy. … Datapine. … SAS Business Intelligence. … Yellowfin BI. … QlikSense. … Zoho Analytics. … Sisense.More items…•