Quick Answer: How Do You Politely Say Not Your Problem?

Where is that is not my job from?

Georgia: most likely the main character on the show, famous for her catchphrase, “That is not my job”..

What is a nice way to say no?

Here are 10 ways for you to say ‘NO’ in a polite manner:I’m honoured but I can’t.I wish there were two of me. … Sorry, I’m booked into something else right now. … Sadly, I have something else. … No, thank you but it sounds lovely, so next time. … I’m not taking anything else right now.More items…•

What Does not my job mean?

By Brian Koerber . “That’s not my job.” People use that phrase all the time and sometimes they’re right — but other times they’re simply being lazy, unwilling to do any extra work like moving a tree branch.

How do you say not my problem nicely?

How to navigate the “not my problem” problemI’m not ready to acknowledge my contribution.I’m not willing to acknowledge my contribution because of something you’re saying or doing.I don’t like the way you’ve named the problem.I can’t fix the problem as you’ve defined it.I really do think it’s all your problem.

How do you say no professionally?

4 different ways to say no that still make you likeable”Let me think about it.” This is a polite and professional way of asking for more time to consider the request. … “The idea sounds great! It’s just that . . . ” … “I can’t today. … “I’m sorry, but I can’t.” … 4 steps to back out of a commitment gracefully.

What does not my problem mean?

1. used for saying that someone is not responsible for a difficulty and does not have to worry about it. It’s not my problem if he can’t get to work on time. Synonyms and related words. +

Can I get fired for refusing to do a task?

Although serious misconduct may justify instant dismissal, the employer must investigate whether there are valid reasons for the employee’s refusal to comply with an instruction before it takes any disciplinary action.

Can my boss give my job to someone else?

Employment lawyer’s answer: It is legally acceptable for your employer to share out the duties of an employee to other employees within the business. They are at liberty to reorganise their existing workload in this way even though your job itself is not being made redundant exactly.

Who first said not my circus not my monkeys?

Not My Circus Not My Monkeys Origin It is noted by Henryk Markiewicz and Andrzej Romanowski in Skrzydlate słowa: wielki słownik cytatów polskich i obcych from 2005, that the proverb has been first used in 1993, when Ireneusz Sekula commented the governing of Hanna Suchocka.

How do you reject an idea nicely?

How to Reject Bad Ideas … Without People Rejecting You!#1 – Pause. … #2 – Allow others to weigh in first. … #3 – Be curious first; pose questions rather than pass judgment. … #4 – Instead of stating why an idea can’t be done, state what is required from your perspective to make the idea work. … #5 – Help the other person save face whenever possible.More items…

What can I say instead of no?

Ways of saying no – thesaurusno. adverb. used for giving a negative answer to something that someone asks or offers you.certainly not. phrase. … by no means. phrase. … of course not. phrase. … not really. phrase. … on no account/not on any account. phrase. … not likely. phrase. … hardly. adverb.More items…

What Bosses should never ask employees to do?

15 Things a Boss Should Never Ask an EmployeeYour boss should save the personal photos for friends and family. … Are you expected to eat and work at the same time? … What’s the point of a vacation if you can’t truly unplug? … You can forget that relaxing beach vacation. … Working when you’re sick isn’t a good idea. … You might want to ignore that request. … Just say no.More items…•

How can I say that’s not my job without sounding rude?

How to respond when an employee says “that’s not my job.”Ask what they’re working on. … Have an open conversation about your expectations. … Explain why saying “that’s not my job” can come off as rude or unhelpful. … Lead by example. … Recognize employees who go the extra mile.

Can I refuse to do someone else’s work?

That employment-at-will doctrine is what concerns many employees who feel intimidated by their bosses’ orders to do someone else’s job. In most cases, both employers and employees have the right to end the working relationship for any reason or for no reason, with or without advance notice.

How do you tell someone they’re not doing their job?

Here are some tips for handling this conversation with ease.Put Aside Any Negative Feelings. … Don’t Assume Bad Intent. … Address It Early (and Privately) … Reflect on the Person’s History. … Consider Your Own Role. … Ask Thoughtful Questions. … Give Examples (But Avoid Being Accusatory) … Keep an Eye on Their Progress.

What is the saying not my circus not my monkeys mean?

Phrase. not my circus, not my monkeys. (colloquial) It’s none of my business; indicates that one is not responsible for controlling or changing a volatile or delicate situation.

Can my boss make me do someone else’s job?

So, the short answer is, yes, your employer may assign you tasks not specifically outlined in your job description. Unless you work under a collective bargaining agreement or contract, your employer can legally change your duties. … During this time, work tasks sometimes are neglected or delegated to others.

How do you politely tell someone that is not your job?

Stand your ground and be firm in your boundaries–it’s likely they’ll respect you more for it. Be honest about your availability and what you realistically can take on. Say something like, “I don’t have the bandwidth to do a good job on this right now and give you the help/attention this deserves.”

How do you professionally tell someone off in an email?

7 Phrases To Professionally Throw Shade That You Need To Know“Please Advise” … “I Just Wanted To Follow Up On This” … “Moving Forward” … “Per My Last Email” … “I Hope This Email Finds You Well” … “Let’s Circle Back On This” … “Feel Free To Ping Me”

How do you graciously say no?

How to Say “No” GraciouslyYou can be considerate and respectful – and still say no to a colleague. … Think before you respond. … Accentuate the positive. … Give a reason when possible—not a fabrication. … Be straight about the future. … Listen to their response. … Stand your ground. … “No” language examples.