Quick Answer: How Do I Get Rid Of Don’T Play This Song On Spotify?

Why am I not allowed to play a song on Spotify?

Missing or unavailable music is almost always a decision by the artist/label to withhold the content from Spotify.

Sometimes it’s temporarily unavailable while they sort out legal issues or correct metadata, in which case it’ll be back up as soon as they resubmit it to Spotify..

Where are hidden songs on Spotify 2020?

Only on Android/iOS – go to Library, then to Artists tab, scroll all the way down to Hidden Content. Then click on the red signs next to artist or songs to unhide it. If you don’t see Hidden Content folder, your hidden songs list is empty.

How do you listen to songs that are unavailable on Spotify?

Click the arrow in the top-right corner of the desktop app and select Settings. Scroll down to Local Files. Any files in My Music and Downloads are automatically selected. Switch off any sources you don’t want Spotify to access.

Can you listen to Spotify for free?

Download and install the free Spotify application. There are versions for desktop and iPhone/iPad and Android phones. Sign into your account on those devices and get listening.

How do you find hidden songs?

To undo, make sure “show unplayable tracks” is switched on:Android: Tap then . Under Playback, switch Show unplayable songs on.iOS: Tap then . Under Playback, switch Hide Unplayable Songs off.Desktop: Click then Settings. Under Display Options, switch Show unavailable songs in playlists on.

How do I get rid of Don’t play this song on Spotify?

To undo, make sure “show unplayable tracks” is switched on. You mentioned you were on iOS, so: Tap then. Under Playback, switch Hide unplayable tracks off.

How do I get rid of unplayable songs on Spotify?

Re: Delete an unplayable song from playlist Go to your desktop client settings and make sure the option “Show unavailable songs in playlists” is turned on and you should then be able to remove the song.

How do you listen to Spotify without shuffle?

To turn Shuffle off on a mobile, go to the Now Playing view and hit the crossed arrows icon on the left again so it’s gray. The playlist will now play in Custom sort mode.

How do I bypass country restrictions on Spotify?

How to bypass Spotify country restriction on AndroidInstall any VPN app of your choice. … Open Turbo VPN, select United States as the server location. … Open Google Chrome app and open a new Incognito tab. … Go to spotify.com, you should be automatically redirected to their US website because of the VPN.More items…•

What does it mean when a song is hidden on Spotify?

The streaming company announced its new “Hide Song” feature on Thursday, April 16th, The Verge reports, which grants iOS and Android users the ability to automatically skip certain tracks they don’t want to hear on public playlists. …

What does hiding mean on Spotify?

Spotify Premium users can now hide individual songs from playlists if they’re not interested in listening to them, as reported by The Verge. When you hide a song from a playlist, it will only be hidden on that particular playlist.