Question: What Was The Last Record Played On Radio Caroline?

Do radio stations still use records?

Now, stations will often still get music they need off of CDs or even vinyl….

especially those playing, say, oldies or classical or some specialty category.

But it winds up in a computer.

So, professional radio stations are ALL using uncompressed audio files, at CD quality (44.1 kHz 16bits)..

Are there any pirate radio stations left?

To put it simply, pirate radio never left London. The UK’s pirate radio story starts with Ronan O’Rahilly’s Radio Caroline back in the 1960s, famously avoiding the authorities by broadcasting from international waters, but it was really the 1990s that paved the way for pirate radio in this country.

Did a pirate radio ship really sink?

Radio Caroline sinks March 20, 1980 Pirate station goes down in heavy seas. DUBBED ‘the ship that rocked the world’, pirate pop radio station Radio Caroline sank in heavy seas in the Thames Estuary.

What was the first record played on Radio Caroline?

Simon Dee followed the now famous ‘Caroline bell’ by introducing the station “Hello everybody. This is Radio Caroline broadcasting on 199, your all day music station” Simon then introduced Christopher Moore’s programme. The first record played was Not Fade away by The Rolling Stones.

Who were the original DJs on Radio Caroline?

Radio Caroline was founded in 1964 to play pop music all day, at a time when broadcasting was dominated by the BBC and pop was played for an hour a week. Disc jockeys Johnnie Walker (left) and Robbie Dale were DJs for the station, which continued to broadcast after the act passed.

How was Radio Caroline funded?

On 2 July Radios Caroline and Atlanta agreed to a merger – some observers have suggested this rapid merger marks the stations as being jointly funded by the CIA – with O’Rahilly sailing to an anchorage off the Isle of Man and broadcasting as Radio Caroline North while Mi Amigo stayed in the Thames Estuary, now …

Does Radio Caroline still exist?

Radio Caroline was founded in 1964 and broadcast from ships until 1991, when the Ross Revenge was shipwrecked off the Kent coast. The station continued to exist, and is currently an internet and digital service.

How can I listen to Caroline?

Listen in on 648 AM in the South and South-East, on 1368 AM in the North and North-West courtesy of our friends at Manx Radio, the Radio Caroline app and around the world online here (via the Manx AM Radio Player).

Is Radio Caroline on DAB radio?

Radio Caroline is a public digital radio station radio. UK Free TV shows the coverage area for a radio transmitter as a coloured overlay (orange for FM, other colours for DAB) on the grey map.

What year did Radio 1 start?

September 30, 1967, United KingdomBBC Radio 1/Founded

When did Radio Caroline end?

‘Changed the world’ After the Marine Broadcasting Offences Act was passed in 1967, Radio Caroline continued to broadcast from ships until 1991, when the Ross Revenge ran aground off the Kent coast.

What was the first pirate radio station?

Radio MercurThe first of the ‘modern’ pirates was actually Radio Mercur, which operated from a small fishing boat off Denmark in 1958. It didn’t last too long, but was joined by Radio Veronica off the Dutch coast in April 1960 (and which would keep broadcasting for the next 15 years).

Pirate radio or a pirate radio station is a radio station that broadcasts without a valid license. In some cases radio stations are considered legal where the signal is transmitted, but illegal where the signals are received—especially when the signals cross a national boundary.

Is pirate radio true?

According to director Richard Curtis, the film, though inspired by real British pirate radio of the 1960s, is a work of historical fiction and does not depict a specific radio station of the period.

How many listeners does Radio Caroline have?

At one time both stations were even claiming more than 8.8 million listeners each. Nowadays, Radio Caroline has to resort to other sources. Luckily, up till the end of last year, the station succeeded in selling a lot of airtime to American religious organisations.

Who owns the Ross Revenge?

Caroline CommunicationsOn 23 September, she was registered as a pleasure craft in Panama with registry number 9625-POXT, and her callsign was HP-4344. In May 1983, Caroline Communications acquired full legal ownership of Ross Revenge, whereafter she was drydocked and given a protective coating.

Where is the Radio Caroline ship now?

From 2007, the ship was docked at Tilbury, where a volunteer crew repaired and maintained it. The ship has working radio studios, from which both Caroline and BBC Essex have broadcast. On 31 July 2014 the ship was moved to the Blackwater Estuary in Essex.

How long did pirate radio last?

Although it peaked throughout the 1960s and again during the 1980s/1990s, it remains in existence today. Having moved from transmitting from ships in the sea to towerblocks across UK towns and cities, in 2009 the UK broadcasting regulator Ofcom estimated more than 150 pirate radio stations were still operating.

Who set up Radio Caroline?

Ronan O’RahillyRonan O’Rahilly, the founder of the celebrated pirate radio station Radio Caroline, has died at the age of 79. Mr O’Rahilly revolutionised commercial radio in 1964 when he set up Radio Caroline outside UK territorial waters and broadcast to the mainland.

Was Radio Luxembourg a pirate station?

Radio Luxembourg was a multilingual commercial broadcaster in Luxembourg. … In the late 1930s, and again in the 1950s and 1960s, it had large audiences in Britain and Ireland with its programmes of popular entertainment, and was an important forerunner of pirate radio and modern commercial radio in the United Kingdom.