Question: What Is The Best Grommet Tool?

How do you use the general grommet tool kit?

A grommet kit makes this job a snap.Step 1: Measure for the Hole.

Measure where you want the center of the grommet and mark the cloth with a pencil.

Step 2: Insert the Tall Half.

Insert the tall half of the grommet through the hole from the underside.Step 3: Fasten the Grommet..

What is the smallest grommet size?

Grommet and Eyelet Sizing ChartSizeOutside Diameter (in millimeters)Depth (in millimeters)#0 (1/4″)11.5mm5.5mm#1 (5/16″)17.5mm6mm#2 (3/8″)19mm7mm#3 (7/16″)22mm7mm13 more rows

How do grommet pliers work?

Squeeze pliers firmly to apply grommet. Check for tightness; squeeze again, if necessary. The grommet will split and roll back over the washer.

What’s the difference between an eyelet and a grommet?

Eyelets are one piece of material such as brass or metal that is t-shaped and punched through the material. … Grommets on the other hand are made up of two pieces; a grommet and a washer. For example, two metal rings are placed on either side of the material (think canvas, vinyl, corrugated plastic, etc.)

What is a grommet tool?

A grommet is a ring or edge strip inserted into a hole through thin material, typically a sheet of textile fabric, sheet metal or composite of carbon fiber, wood or honeycomb. Grommets are generally flared or collared on each side to keep them in place, and are often made of metal, plastic, or rubber.

What can I use instead of grommets?

webbing loopA webbing loop is a great alternative to a grommet for things like sails, tie downs, fabric covers and more. Webbing loops are very useful, and they even have some added benefits versus installing grommets.

Do you need a grommet tool?

Things You’ll Need Sometimes you just want to set a couple of eyelets in fabric to enhance a cute bag or sewing project — but this occasional use of grommets doesn’t require an eyelet setter tool.

Does Home Depot sell grommets?

Grommets – The Home Depot.

Does Walmart sell grommets?

General Tools Grommet Kit with 12 Solid Brass Grommets, 1/2-Inch – –