Question: What Is Another Name For Take?

What is another word for taking in information?

In this page you can discover 85 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for take-in, like: embrace, comprehend, receive, accept, comprise, apprehend, swindle, gather in, draw, defraud and furl..

What means take?

Verb. take (REMOVE) take (MOVE) take (ACCEPT) take to be/take for sth.

What is the opposite word of listening?

Antonyms for listen disobey, neglect, ignore, disregard, deny, speak, reject, turn away, refuse, dispute, forget, talk, miss.

What is another word for take?

What is another word for take?grabholdclenchgraspgripclaspsnaresnatchwrestcatch95 more rows

What’s another word for take away?

take along; take away; pick up; fetch; collect; take; come round for; carry off; accompany; carry away; take in; see off; expropriate; snitch; steal; rob; purloin; swipe; pinch; snatch; make off with; filch; pilfer; cadge; collar; nick; go thieving; decrease; decline; shrink; remove; dwindle; wain; be shortcoming; …

What grasp means?

1 : to take or seize eagerly grasp the opportunity for advancement. 2 : to clasp or embrace especially with the fingers or arms grasped the pen and began writing. 3 : to lay hold of with the mind : comprehend failed to grasp the danger of the situation.

What embrace means?

1a : to clasp in the arms : hug. b : cherish, love. 2 : encircle, enclose. 3a : to take up especially readily or gladly embrace a cause.

What is the opposite of take away?

What is the opposite of take away?addenlargeextendholdincreasekeeplengthenraiserefusereject4 more rows

What is your take Meaning?

This idiom is way of asking someone for their opinion and ideas. Category: General.

Do synonyms list?

other words for doaccomplish.complete.conclude.end.execute.move.perform.prepare.

Is taken or was taken?

Simple tenses: “He is taken” is the passive voice of the simple present tense. “He was taken” – passive of the simple past tense (imperfect). “He will be taken” – passive of future tense.

What is the antonyms for take?

What is the opposite of take?refusedeclinerenouncerepudiaterefuse to receiveset asideabstain fromnot acceptrefrain fromdodge17 more rows

What is grasp in education?

GRASPS is an acronym for: Goal – states the problem or challenge to be resolved. Role – explains who students are in the scenario and what they are being asked to do. Audience – who the students are solving the problem for, who they need to convince of the validity and success of their solution for the problem.

What is opposite word of away?

▲ Opposite of being far away. close. near. nearby.

What means take up?

: to engage vigorously in a defense or dispute. take up with. 1 : to become interested or absorbed in. 2 : to begin to associate or consort with.

What is a better word for has?

What is another word for has?ownspossessesboastshas in keepingholdsmaintainscarriescontrolsenjoyshas possession of3 more rows

What is the difference between take and takes?

The only difference between the verbs take and takes is the conjugation. It depends on which person precedes the verb. I take the food. … “to take” is a verb which conjugates in present tense to “takes” in third person singular but to “take” in first and second person singular and all plurals.

What is it called when someone takes away your rights?

To disenfranchise is defined as to take away someone’s right to vote or to deprive someone of power, rights and privileges. …