Question: What Happens If You Reject A Job On Aesop?

Can I cancel an absence in Aesop?

Another permission you may have been given is the ability to cancel an absence that you have created in Aesop.

To cancel an absence click the red Delete button.

This will bring up a confirmation pop-up.

Confirm the cancellation by clicking the green Yes button..

How do I log into my Aesop substitute?

To log into Aesop, type in your web browser’s address bar. Enter your ID number and PIN; then, click Login. Can’t remember your login info?

What is Aesop absence management?

AESOP (Substitute Placement & Absence Management) is an automated system that allows teachers to schedule absences and place substitutes by phone or Internet.

What does non work day mean?

Related Definitions Non-working Day means a day on which the employee is not scheduled to work to complete his or her regularly scheduled hours.

Can I see my sub rating on Aesop?

The ratings left by teachers are accumulated into one score out of five stars. Substitute teachers are not able to see their rating.

How do I get my Aesop PIN number?

1. If you have forgotten the PIN number and would like it emailed to you from AESOP, first visit the AESOP log in page at 2. Click the “Forgot your login?” button to the right of the ID field.

How do I cancel a sub job on frontline?

This tab will display all upcoming jobs scheduled through AesopOnline. Locate the job you wish to cancel. Click the red cancel button located in the upper right of that job’s description. The system will prompt you to confirm the cancellation.

How do I cancel my Aesop frontline?

It is very easy to cancel a job on AesopOnline. Simply log into your account and find the job that you wish to cancel. If you are permitted to cancel a red button will show up with the word ‘Cancel’ written on it. Left click to cancel.

How do you stop calls on Aesop?

Turning Calling Off In the top right corner of the calling times area you will see the following option. To turn your calling from Aesop completely off choose the No option. You will then receive a warning pop-up from Aesop.

How do you request a sub on Aesop?

Select the Employee. From the alpha-grouping click on the letter of the employee’s last name or use the Search box.Entering an absence. Absence Creation Screen One.Assign a Sub to an Absence* * Find the substitute you wish to assign and click the. … Confirmation Number. … Attaching a file.

How do I contact Aesop?

To call, dial 1-800-942-3767. You’ll be prompted to enter your ID number (followed by the # sign), then your PIN number (followed by the # sign).

What happens if you cancel a job on Aesop?

When looking at the job details you will see a Cancel Job button for any days that are eligle to be cancelled (typically you will only be allowed to cancel the upcoming day). Clicking this button will just cancel that day rather than the entire multi-day absence.

What are non work days on Aesop?

If you have days or partial days that you are not able to substitute you can create Non Work Days so Aesop will not offer you jobs on those days. Click the Non Work Days tab to view your non work days and to create new ones. The tab will have a number on it indicating how many non work days you have scheduled.