Question: Is The Old Ontario Health Card Still Valid?

Can Ontario health card be renewed online?

People across Ontario can now renew their photo health card online at

To renew a health card online, people in Ontario need: A valid driver’s licence to verify identity as a security measure.

To have lived at the same address at least 90 days prior to renewing..

How do I get an Ontario health card?

How to apply. You must apply for OHIP in person at a ServiceOntario centre. three separate, original (not photocopies or printouts of electronic documents) identification documents: one that proves your Canadian citizenship or OHIP -eligible immigration status ( e.g. Canadian birth certificate, Permanent Resident Card …

Does Service Ontario take cash?

Note: 12 ServiceOntario locations accept cash payments.

What is health card version code Ontario?

Version code is an alphabetic identifier that along with the health number uniquely identifies a health card version. This field appears on the face of all photo cards and some standard (“red and white”) cards. When present on the card, a version code is one letter or two letters.

How long are Ontario health cards valid for?

two to seven yearsYour photo health card has an expiry date that is linked to your date of birth. The first time you apply for a photo health card, the expiry date can be anywhere from two to seven years in the future.

Can you go to a walk in clinic with an expired health card Ontario?

However, physicians are not required to provide medical services without payment to people without valid OHIP cards. “People will have a rude awakening when they go to a walk in clinic and their card’s expired,” Mehra said. … “Some doctors and some hospitals will refuse you if your card is expired,” Mehra said.

How long can you stay out of Ontario and still have OHIP?

212 daysYou may be temporarily outside of Canada for a total of 212 days in any 12 month period and still maintain your OHIP coverage as long as your primary place of residence is still in Ontario. However, the ministry does have extended absence provisions which are outlined below.

Why can’t I renew my drivers license online Ontario?

An Ontario driver’s licence is valid for 5 years. You must renew it every 5 years either online or at a ServiceOntario centre. You cannot renew online if your driver’s licence is cancelled or has been expired for more than 12 months. … you have no new medical conditions that may prevent you from driving.

Can I make an appointment at Service Ontario?

Appointment Service Locations Currently, health card renewal and re-registration services by appointment are available online at select locations. ServiceOntario is increasing the number of offices where you can book an appointment.

Are old health cards still valid?

Answer: Effective July 1, 2020, the red and white card will no longer be accepted as proof of eligibility for insured health services. The red and white card should be accepted for insured health services if it is valid and belongs to the person presenting it until the deadline.

What do I do if my Ontario health card has expired?

Replacing a photo health card If your name and address has not changed, you can replace an unexpired lost, stolen or damaged photo health card by calling ServiceOntario at 1-800-664-8988 . To replace an expired photo health card after the renewal date, you must visit a ServiceOntario centre.

How do I know if my OHIP card is valid?

In order to validate your patient’s health card number, you need to call the ministry’s toll-free line from a touch tone telephone (meaning it won’t work from your cell phone). Once you get through, use your PIN to get access. For your reference, the number is 1-800 262-6524.

Can you go to the hospital without a health card in Ontario?

In an emergency, hospitals will treat you without seeing your card first. But you will have to show your card later if you want the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) to pay your hospital bills.

Where can I renew my Ontario health card?

If you’re over 15½ years old, you must renew your Ontario health card in person. Visit a ServiceOntario centre with two original documents from the Ontario Health Coverage Document List: one to prove your residency in Ontario (such as an Ontario driver’s licence) one to prove your identity (such as a credit card)