Is Personal Capital Better Than Mint?

Is personal capital web based?

Two of the most popular web-based financial service providers available are Personal Capital and Mint.

The two provide a lot of similar services, but each specializes in a few areas of your finances that the other doesn’t..

Is Mint really free?

Mint is free to use, and there are no hidden fees. … Mint also sells the aggregate (not your individual) financial data to various providers. Things like: consumer spending, the average credit card balance, how many retirement accounts a user might have, etc.

Is there a better app than mint?

#1 Personal Capital If you are looking for a web-based finance app that focuses on investing, this is the app we recommend. … Like Mint, Personal Capital is free to use. Unlike Mint, which focuses a lot on budgeting and where your money has gone, Personal Capital emphasizes investing and saving for retirement.

It’s read-only and your credentials are stored elsewhere (Yodlee). … In fact, when you log into your Personal Capital, you never have to enter your bank credentials so it never gets transmitted. If your computer is compromised by malware or a keylogger, your financial accounts are secure.

Does personal capital sell your information?

We do not sell or allow your information to be used for any purpose other than to market our own products and services. We also never share sensitive financial information, such as account numbers, detailed account balances or transaction history, with our marketing partners.

Is Mint The Best Finance App?

Mint offers the best-known free budgeting app on the market. It’s a great option for anyone looking to improve their spending habits. The app is free but you may see targeted financial product advertisements. … Mint also offers monthly bill tracking, including payment reminders to avoid late fees.

Can I use mint without linking accounts?

You could use the Mint app manually without connecting with any banks or other accounts. It will be a little bit cumbersome as the app is obviously designed to work through integrating with online accounts. … Then name the cash/debt account anything you like. Repeat for each account value you want to track.

How does personal capital make money?

Unlike most personal finance management programs that make money by advertising or recommending products, Personal Capital’s business model is based upon selling investment advisory services to a small percentage of users.

What is the best Robo advisor?

WealthfrontWealthfront: Best Overall and Best for Goal Setting Best Overall: Wealthfront is our top choice overall for robo-advisors because it offers the full package of goal-setting, planning, banking, and investing in an elegant, user-friendly platform. Wealthfront offers fully digital investing for a very competitive price.

Which is better mint or personal capital?

The Overall Winner Is… Personal Capital. … Personal Capital is an investment platform with limited budgeting or billing capacity, while is a budgeting platform with little investment support. Therefore, you can use as your budgeting tool and handle all of your investments through Personal Capital.

Is personal capital worth the fee?

Personal Capital has a real advantage over traditional human investment advisors, who charge anywhere from 1% to 1.5% to manage your portfolio. If you’re looking for a similar service level, but you don’t want to pay those high fees, Personal Capital is definitely the way to go.

Can you trust mint?

If you need an easy-to-use tool for tracking your spending and keeping tabs on your budget, is an excellent choice (among many other finance app alternatives). … Quick answer: Mint uses bank-level encryption and monitoring through various 3rd parties companies for read-only access to your financial accounts.

Is personal capital good?

Personal Capital has Great Customer Service and help. Their free tools really can’t be beat, for tracking your money and investments. Their investment portfolio and strategy are decent. I would say if you are comfortable investing yourself in index funds and understand some basic investment principals their .

Does Mint sell your data?

Though Mint does aggregate and sell consumer data, it anonymizes and pools the data to protect user privacy. … The information collected and sold provides insight into average spending, saving habits, and banking fees.

What are personal capital fees?

Personal Capital offers access to human advisors for a management fee that starts at 0.89% and a minimum balance of $100,000….Tiered fee depends on account balance:First $1 million: 0.89%.Up to $3 million: 0.79%.Up to $5 million: 0.69%.Up to $10 million: 0.59%.Over $10 million: 0.49%.