How Do You Turn Off The Alarm On A Timex Alarm?

How do I get my digital watch to stop beeping?

How do I stop the watch from beeping every hour.

Answer: Press and hold the bottom right button; this displays the alarm.

At the same time, press the bottom left to toggle the hourly chime..

How do I turn off the alarm on my Onn alarm?

Turn off the wake up alarm: press the Power button while the alarm goes off.… see more. Completely turn off the alarm setting: keep pressing either AL1 or AL2 until all the alarm signs go off from the display.

How do I stop my Timex Ironman watch from beeping?

Press the “Mode” button to cycle through the values of the clock adjustment, such as the Hour, Minute, Date and finally the Hourly Chime setting, which can be identified as a flashing music note, located above the seconds area. Press the “Start/Split” button to turn off the hourly chime.

How do I turn off the alarm on my wr30m watch?

From the normal (time) mode, press the ‘RESET’ button and keep it depressed (this will display the alarm time), then also press in the ‘MODE’ button. All of the day LCD segments (in the big circle at the top) will toggle between all on to all off. All on means hourly chime is on. All off means the hourly chime is off.

How do I turn off the alarm on my Walmart watch?

ALARM OF CHIME ON/OFF:In normal time: Hold S1 and Display showns alarm time in hour and minute.Hourly Chime: While holding S1, press S3. When all 7 day flags show, the hourly chime is on. … Alarm: While holding S1, press S2. Alarm icon will display when alarm is on, icon will disappear when alarm is off.

How do I set my alarm on my watch?

It takes just a few seconds to set your watch’s alarm.Locate the “Mode” button on the digital wrist watch. … Press the “Settings” button to start the hour place digits flashing. … Press the “Mode” button to shift the flashing to the minute place digits. … Press the “Settings” button to save your changes.

How do you change the time on a Philips alarm clock?

How to set the clock and alarm on my Philips clock radio?Turn the clock control to SET TIME or SET ALARM to set the clock or alarm time respectively.Press HR or MIN repeatedly or hold down the respective button to adjust the hours and minutes. … Release HR or MIN when you reach the correct setting.To return to the clock time, turn the clock control to the CLOCK position.

How do I turn off the alarm on my discovery watch?

Press while in alarm screen to set alarm On/Off. Press while in set alarm mode to set hours, minutes, and to scroll between sounds. Alarm – Press while in home screen to transition to alarm screen. Press when alarm sounds to turn alarm off.

How do I set the alarm on my wr30m watch?

1) Press and hold mode for about 2 seconds and then release. You will now be in the alarm edit mode. 2) Press mode once more and now you are in time edit mode. 3) Use the stop button to select what to edit, i.e. hour minute, etc.