Do Flipkart Sell Fake Products?

Is flipkart trustable?

In the case of Flipkart, this seller is WS Retail.

Buying something from WS Retail is almost 100 per cent safe.

So when you are buying a product from Flipkart, make sure you get it from WS Retail.

Though on most occasions, the prices of WS Retail are also “official”, which means on higher side..

How can I check my Flipkart product is original?

Check the product review and seller rating While checking the product reviews on Flipkart, always look for Certified Buyer reviews. If the product which you are planning to buy has positive reviews by Certified Buyers, it’s a genuine product.

Do Amazon sell fake products?

The sale of counterfeit products, including any products that have been illegally replicated, reproduced or manufactured, is strictly prohibited. We take product authenticity very seriously. It is each seller’s responsibility to source and sell only authentic products.

Does flipkart sell first copy products?

Sadly yes mmyntra aand flipkart does suppky fake. Even amazon. Rahul, Helping Businesses Go Online. Myntra sells 100% original products whereas I would think twice before buying shoes from flipkart though they both belong to same parent company ..

Is it safe to pay online on Flipkart?

Hi, it is totally safe and allowed. A payment gateway is an aggregator and it is their duty to make sure that the transaction is totally safe. … Flipkart is good but if you are doing online transaction on any unknown or lesser known website, please check if it has SSL certified. It is up to the mark and PCI compliant.

Are Nike shoes on Flipkart original?

Here are some tips to identify fake products of branded companies (like Nike, Reebok and Puma) if you buy from Amazon or flipkart. Investigate Nike’s, Reebok’s and Puma’s sellers on the Internet. … Examine the SKU number on the box and the labels inside of the shoes, if both are same then it belong authenticated brands.

Is Flipkart selling fake shoes?

Flipkart does not sell fake footwears itself. … Some seller may do forgery or sell fake products but that does not make that mall a real culprit. If you receive a fake product you can return the product and get the full refund and flipkart will take actions against the seller.

How does flipkart sell so cheap?

WS Retail Services Pvt. Ltd, a seller on Flipkart, accounts for more than 75% of the site’s sales. For products sold by WS Retail, Flipkart doesn’t fund discounts. However, with other sellers, Flipkart suggests prices but unlike Amazon doesn’t typically pay the amount of discounts to sellers by cheque.

Can we trust Amazon?

Ships from and sold by Amazon sells the product, so it should be legitimate. While this method isn’t completely immune to counterfeits, as they can get commingled into the general stock, it’s still your best bet. Narrow down your shopping search on e-commerce retailers to products sold by the site itself.

Which is cheaper Amazon or Flipkart?

For general household goods, Amazon is cheaper and has better collection, right from soaps to mattresses, Amazon is better. But Flipkart is better in high value goods. Mobile, Tablets and other electronics are significantly cheaper on Flipkart than Amazon, especially on Big Billion Days.

What does F assured mean in Flipkart?

Quality and Speed AssuranceFlipkart Assured, a new quality and speed badge applied to select products in key categories, is the new benchmark in online shopping. … Flipkart Assured, India’s first ‘Quality and Speed Assurance’ program, guarantees that high quality products are delivered to customers in the fastest time possible.