Are Gel Plates Legal UK?

The British Standard (BS AU 145d) states number plates on UK cars must be crafted from reflective material and stipulates that the reflective treatment can’t be added to a plate that is made from material that isn’t inherently reflective.

Metal number plates don’t have the flexibility to achieve this..

All of the number plate stickers that you can purchase from Number1Plates are completely road legal, and have legal use for when you’re travelling in the European Union. … To create the full collection, we have a selection of England, Scotland, Wales, GB number plate stickers and more!

What is gel number plate?

Domed Glossy 3D Gel Number Plate India It is the most stylish number plate in the modern automotive market. … Then we cut out with a special gel resin the mystery 3D letters, using modern technology. These are specially processed and dried up to get the astonishing 3D dome effect on the plate.

What number plates are illegal UK?

If you’re worried that your number plate may be illegal, the DVLA’s regulations state that number plates must be made from a reflective material and feature only black letters and numbers using the mandatory DVLA font, formatted over one or two lines, feature a British Standard Number, manufacturer or supplier, and the …

Do gel plates pass MOT?

When using a pair of 3D gel or 4D laser cut number plates on your vehicle, you should not have any problems with the Police, MOT testing stations, VOSA or the DVLA, so long as they meet the above requirements. Fancy treating yourself to a set of our 4D Laser Cut number plates?

3D number plates and the law The good news is that while they must conform to the rules laid down by the Motor Car Act, 3D plates are fully legal on UK roads.